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There would have been a time for such a word.
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty place from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusky death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow; a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more; it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.


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SithKittie [userpic]

Last weekend I had an interview for GEOS in Toronto. GEOS is a company that runs eikaiwa, English conversation schools. Longest interview EVER! 2 days, 13 hours total, but I got the job!

GEOS is my second pick, so at least my backup plan is secure. I'm off to Chicago tonight for an interview tomorrow (and hopefully Friday) with a company called Amity, a branch of AEON which is another eikaiwa, but they teach only children through high school. This is my first pick, so I'm really praying I do well. I'm excited. I've had a lot of fun setting up my lesson plan and preparing. I'm nervous as anything, but at least it's a comfort to know that either way I'm still going back to Japan before spring and I have a job right out of University.

^ my mom took a picture of me in my suit last weekend. Hehe. I figured I'd share. I think I look kinda goofy.. partly cause of the blue color, but partly... it's me in a suit!!

My lip piercing survived the interview though! bwahah. And little did they know, I was wearing knee high boots with knee high striped black and white socks underneath. oh yeah. Take that suit wearing world. *evil cackle*

*cough* yeah..... That's it for now. hehe.

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SithKittie [userpic]

I'm back... in case nobody knew that....................

Anyway, I finally got around to uploading some pictures, but they're not on this account. I have more space in my other account, and it's a little more permanent, so for now they're there. I may upload some here too, but here's some links.

Japan Pictures

That's the base gallery. Here are the smaller ones:

Kyoto with Annie
Class Dinner
Disney Land
Disney Sea

That's it for now. There are a TON of Disney pictures. I miss Japan so much. I can't even begin to explain it.

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SithKittie [userpic]

We had an earthquake this morning at about 9:45. I'm not sure how long exactly it lasted, cause I was asleep for the first part. It was odd because my dream was something about making this 3D painting and needing to erase parts of the paint in a line.. it kinda looked like a labrynth garden thingy. Anyway, it started swaying and then I woke up going "huh? Why is my futon moving?" Point of note, I'm on the floor. I've had it before back home where it feels like somebody's jumping on the bottom of my bed and making it bounce, but this was different. It felt like it was rocking up toward the pillow and then back down. I was trying to figure out what it was, then I rolled over and my roommate woke up and told me it was an earthquake. なるほど

I think I've felt them before and just not known what it was. It felt funny. Slightly unsettling to my stomach to have the floor I'm laying on just start gently swaying.

I had to buy new shoes today. The ones I bought in December have about beat it. Sadly... they were expensive -_- All shoes here are, and the crappier thing is they're not even leather. Anyway, I'm gluing the sole back onto the old shoes and I'm gonna pray the new ones hold really good. I can't say I'm overly happy with the purchase. Far too expensive and I'm not in love with the shoes, they just work. I miss my boots. Why must sketchers die horribly and violently? I loved those shoes. Anyway, I shall continue my hunt for comfy boots once I get home and leather shoes are reasonably priced. Or buy a vinyl pair at payless for 20 bucks. Those suckers lasted like 2 years. *sniffles at her shoes* I liked those ones too. I wonder if I can get the sole replaced back home... because that's teh only problem. Actually I found cheeper shoes i liked a lot better in Tokyo, but they're the same brand as the ones that I'm currently gluing back together so... no. The sole just came right off. It's got two parts actually, and I had hoped only the one would get beat up cause that'd be easier to fix, but now the bulk of the sole that's attatched to teh boot is getting worn down in a few places really bad. There's a good centimeter + of space between the ground and that part of the sole now ;__;

Sadness. I hate wasting money on shoes. It's so pointless.

I'm bored. I want to do smoething!! My roommate's back, but she doesn't want to do anything. She's reading, so it kinda feels exactly like last weekend. Still sitting on my duff doing nothing, execpt that this weekend I have a cold so my head hurts like crazy and I'm naucious. *cry* I need food.....

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SithKittie [userpic]

Well they're done. I kinda lost the drive to study about half way through, which was bad, but to be honest I think even if I had studied more I would have done the same. I'm not used to that format and it doesnt' seem to matter how much I know the material, I just get slammed on the tests. For the writing test, ironically enough I remembered all of the characters I needed to write, and only one of the ones I had to read... which is completely opposite, and the vocab in that test just killed me, but I'm pretty sure I at least passed.

So now we're on break for a week (I think it's because there's a holiday on wed. and they didn't feel like dealing with students taking off for the days around the holiday). Most of my friends have family members visiting so I have nobody to play with... kinda boring. My video games aren't keeping my interest because I'm on the hard parts and I really don't like being stuck in games. It annoys me greatly. I just want to play and have fun, not go "GAH IM LOST!!" for hours.

I'm going out of town starting Tuesday though. Leaving Tuesday morning for Nagoya to see a concert for... I don't know who I'm just going cause it sounded fun and it's something to do. Tuesday night we leave Nagoya for Tokyo by bus and Wednesday is another concert in Harajuku for people from bands I've heard of but again, just going for the fun not as a fan. Thursday we're gonna play around Tokyo and then take the night bus back. So again from Friday I'm gonna be going "play with me!!" but I'll at least have been able to do something. ^_^

That's all from me for now. still kicking. Actually I'm currently looking for food even though it's 1AM. love ya!

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SithKittie [userpic]

I've been to Tokyo and back, school's started, and mou sugu midterms -_- (meaning midterms are in two weeks)

Classes are good this term. I'm taking Sumi-e, which is brush painting. I'm terrible at it, but it's fun. Death in East Asian Thought is interesting, entertaining, and annoying all at once (annoying for the idiots who keep arguing with the teacher). Japanese 5 I kinda underestemated. I'm used to getting by with barely doing anything because language has never really really challenged me. It's been hard at times, but apparently I now have to start actually studying, not just preparing for classes and tests. Not really sure how to go about doing that, but um... we'll see. I'm still mildly disappointed in the spoken class, because all we do is listen to dialogues that are in our book, briefly go over grammar and vocab, do a speech, and watch a movie then take a test. The speeches are about the only actual talking we do, and that just doesn't cut it. For one, I can't give speeches in English. I hate getting up in front of people. I've taken Theater, Forensics, Public Speaking, I've had to do a 30 minute presentation in one of my writing classes, teach classes in Japanese, I just choke every time, no matter how well I prepare or what tricks I use to calm myself down. I get up there and choke. So of course, whatever I've prepared, no matter how much I know of the language, I go back down to basic structures, simple words, and I even mess that up because I'm scared. Let me sit at my desk and talk and I'm a little better. Maybe I'll be able to at least get the simple stuff right. I actually haven't had a conversation in Japanese probably since sometime in December, at least not spoken. I've talked to people online but that doesn't count. Ryosuke talked to me some in Japanese cause he was tired of speaking English, but I'm so rusty and nervous that I do'nt think I was making much sense and it wasn't much of a conversation.

I'm feeling isolated again. From everybody, even people here. We're going to Karaoke in a big group Friday, maybe that'll help. I've really begun to enjoy that. Going to Tokyo with Lindsey helped a lot for a while. But now I'm back in the school routine and sleep deprived and I feel like I can't do anything. It's irritating. It's only 7 and I'm alone. Yeah, Juli's around, not at the moment, but I'm just tired of being here, in this dorm room. I want to go do something. Actually I may take a walk later just to get out.... walk to Makino and back or something.... alone... I'm really tired of this being alone stuff... It's not always, just when I'm sleep deprived and in a bad mood like today. Yesterday was great though. And so was Tokyo.

We went up Friday, and went to Karaoke first thing. hehe. Went shopping Saturday during the day. Saturday night was a punk show, which was just confusing because Japanese people apologize in mosh pits.... actually it wasn't even a mosh pit, just three girls jumping up and down at random. But the show was good. No plaid though... that was also confusing... because punk is just... there has to be at least one person wearing plaid. heh. Sunday we went to the zoo. I have lots of pictures. I actually took video of the monkey babies cause they were adorable. Then we went to Karaoke cause we were tired and had so much fun. Then we went to the live for a band I've been listening to since last year called BLOOD. I really wanted to see a live while I was here, so I was uber geeked. Lindsey had fun staring down the lead singer. I was confused as to what he was looking at next to me, cause I knew he wasn't looking at me the whole time, but he kept looking near me and it was odd. But we met them afterward (it was a really small show, maybe 20-30 people maximum) and actually ended up in the elevator with the lead singer on the way out. Lindsey (the girl I went with) has a new fan-girl crush. It's cute.

There was another band playing that was just awesome. We didn't get to talk to them though because it was getting late and we didn't want to miss the train. But the guitarist found me on mixi, the site I keep my japanese journal on, and we talked a bit. They're called 2 Bullet. They played industrial music, but they also "performed" too. The keyboardist stayed put for the most part. I think he was supposed to sing more, but his mic stand got knocked over during the first song and when they put it back he couldn't reach it again... They had two lead vocalists, and then the guitarist occasionally put down his guitar, and sang the whole time too. It was a really cool sound. And then there was the beating eachother up on stage part and still maintaining a really steady sound. The guitar got "thrown" at one point, after which the guitarist jumped off stage, grabbed a chair behind me and Lindsey, and literally threw it on stage at the one singer. They started grapling on stage and actually fell off (which apparently hurt) but continued singing into one mic together while the vocalist had a flag around the guitarist's neck and was in a headlock. It was impressive. I don't usually like that much action on stage, but the fact that they maintained such a good sound just caught me. Granted most of the music was from the synthesizer, but they all sang, and they were doing harmonies. My jaw just kinda hit the floor.

We rode the shinkansen, which was horribly expensive but I guess everyone's gotta do it once. We stood for half of the trip the first time... which wasn't so fun, but the whole way back we sat and it really doesn't go as fast as I thought it would. We got there in a little over 2 hours, which is impressive, but looking out the window it really didn't seem that fast. And I was just confused when I got back to the dorm before dark on the same day I had been farting around in Shibuya (Tokyo).

And... yeah, I know I need to put up said pictures that I took... they'll get up there eventually. That's all for now.

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SithKittie [userpic]

I've updated my photo gallery so click on that link and check it out. Update albums are Tokyo, Purikura, and My Life. I have more pictures from my last trip to Tokyo, but I need to organize them still cause we took a ton in the museum between the two of us.

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SithKittie [userpic]

It's wierd how much everything has changed. I know it all would have changed if I had been home too, but in a way it doesn't seem like it's all changed, but it has and I know I'm going to really realize it when I get home. My brother's not gonna be there. Steve's leaving for the Navy? Scott's gonna be a truck driver? Jib's gonig to be a paramedic and have a real job? .... I'm going to get home and nothing's going to be the same. I'm not a part at all of my new nephews' lives. I haven't even seen any pictures of either of them....

I've had enough of this country to be honest, at least this lifestyle. I'd still like to work here one day, for a few years anyway. I'm just sick of being caught in this place where I'm not learning and so all I have to fall back on is me, which we know how stable I am sometimes, and my social life... cause I'm so good at maintaining and making friendships. Well, with some of the exchange students it's been good. I was really fortunate to make friends over this break since my friends from last semester are gone. I imagine I'll make more even once school starts. I'm just so sick of the Japanese students. I hate to even say it, but not one of them has bothered to even try. It's like I'm a toy. Oh hey look, little foreign girl. Teehee, she's cute, let's play. Oh, what's this in english? Your Japanese is so good. You sound like a Japanese. School's done? What? Silence...............

Or how bout this one? Nifty, foreign girl, let's see if we can get her in bed. What do you mean no? Pft, not talking to you ever again.

Yeah, I guess I should take it as a compliment in some ways that every Japanese guy I've tried to be friends with who isn't currently dating has tried to get me alone, but seriously, can't I just make friends? Does me being female mean that's all I am to these guys? Even some of the exchange students are obnoxious like that. I'm sorry, I like hanging out with guys. Girls drive me nuts.

I'm just tired of caring about people and I'm not even expecting deep friendships, but it'd really be nice if the people who sit there and tell me all about themselves and what they want to do and what they're currently doing and call me when they need someone to chat with would freaking give a rip about me when all I want is someone to chew the fat with. I don't want to tell them all about me or spill all my emotions, but sometimes I just want someone to talk to about something stupid. Why is this such a hard thing to find?

So... yeah... that's about my break. It's really not all that bad, unless I'm thinking. The last week has just been... well, let's just say break needs to be over. It's too long. I'm ancy and I'm tired of reading and playing games all day. I don't want to do more touristy stuff. I hate touristy stuff. Not fun to me.

OK, next time I'll be more cheerful. But that's the truth of life here at the moment. No point lying and saying it's all fun.

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SithKittie [userpic]

So it's been a while! Well I posted a bit while I was in Tokyo, but yeah. I have lots of pictures from that by the way. We went to the Tokyo National Museum and, well Itook the pictures on my phone cause I forgot my camera so they're not great, but there was some really really cool stuff in there. They head stuff from the Jomon and Yayoi (I think) periods and wow it was awesome. Yay for having a touristy friend. ^_^ I'll upload those... sometime ^^;

So school is out. I finished last Thursday. It was definitely a rough weekend. On top of a nasty cold, my best friend here left this morning at 5AM, and my other friend is leaving Wednesday, along with my roommate. It sucks saying goodbye. Sunmi wants me to go to Korea with her to visit, but I don't feel comfortable. I know it's not that dangerous, but I guess I'm just paranoid and... I dunno. I want to go to say I've been, but it's not worth the risk in my opinion. Cause despite what she says, I do have a big plaque that says "American" hanging above me at all times in this part of the world, no matter what I do.

But I feel a lot better now. My cold is still kinda hanging around, but not as "I'm gonna die"ish. And I said my good-byes to Gina...still sad, but okay. Having a party for Chris tonight. At least I'm making good memories. I just hope I can see these guys again. Chris is from San Diego, Gina's from Pennsylvania.

And I finally settled where I'm gonna stay. I was planning on staying with Sabina and Pinar at Sabina's apartment, but after talking to mom we decided it'd be better for me to try to stay in the dorms. I initially decided against teh dorms because it's almost $500 for the month. Well I was just gonna suck it up, so I asked the C.I.E. and even though the deadline was Friday they gave it to me, and because I'm a full-exchange student apparently EMU pays for my fee, so it's free. ..... they could have told me that beforehand. So at least I don't have to move much. I'm in the same building, probably a different room, but same building makes me happy. I applied for a different Seminar House for next term, just to have more socialization. My building is very nice. The rooms are big. Bathrooms and kitchens are all connected and contained in a unit, but the problem is no one ever goes outside their unit. I don't even know who lives in my building. And I went to Sem House 1, and it's beautiful. It's older, and the rooms are way smaller and set up different, but the lighting is perfect, it doesn't hurt my eyes at all. Normal lights, not flourescent lights. It's the smallest of the houses, so the fewest people, and it's just pretty inside, cozy. So I applied to stay there next term. We'll see. I'm hopeful. (take note of that, yes I did actually say it) And maybe I can get a campaign going over break?? Since we lost all but one player.....

Christmas presants are going to be late. My apologies. I still haven't quite gotten to the point where I can admit to myself that I'm not handing them out in person, so they haven't gone in their boxes to be sent yet. I'm getting there. I have some of the packages and cards made out. I just hate that I can't give them to you guys. I had a lot of fun picking them out, but darn it all I want to watch you open them!!

Anyway, this place is about to close and I'm not sure anyone is watching my bag cause my friends are flakes and Japanese people tend to leave everything where anyone can get to it unguarded.

Merry Christmas, if I forget to write again.

OH! This also means I have internet over break. ^_^

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SithKittie [userpic]

updating from a computer that`s royally ticking me off. so this post is going to be way short cause i can`t freaking use this keyboard!!

anyway, came up with Gina yesterday morning on the nightbus (on which I got at most 3 hours of sleep @-@). Stayed between shibuya and harajuku pretty much and then slept at an internet cafe. it was amazingly comfy, and we get showers for a little extra. I`ll write more about it later.

I just felt like amusing myself with the computer while i`m waiting. XP

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SithKittie [userpic]


I added pictures!! To all of the galleries, so check them all out (except Purikura. I have another set with my friend from Tokyo, but I haven't gotten around to gettin a picture of that one yet. Scanners are so much eaiser.. -_-)

Lately it's been cold and I've been not sleeping much, which equals me sick again. I've discovered that arm warmers are wonderful things. My grey ones just get dirty incredibly fast. And I'm addicted to Death Note. (Really really good series by the way.) I'm really bummed that I didn't get to watch all of it when the movie aired on TV. It's actually grown so much in popularity that not only is there one live action movie on TV, there's another in theaters. I overheard that one of the main characters dies and I'm not happy about it... Gina says something different happens, so I'm not sure. We'll see. X_X so addicted.

What else? Oh, I managed to get a group together finally for gaming. Played my first session as DM and had major fun. Two of my good friends are in it, and the other girl is still fun and I like her. There's supposed to be another player, but I really won't be heartbroken if she never shows. Another guy came up to us while we were playing and may be joining in. We've started a little late, especially considering everyone is leaving at the end of the term ;__; sadness. But better late then never. It was fun.

And I realized thanksgiving was this week. Actually realized it, and that I won't be eating dinner with my family. I had plans prior to realizing it to go to Tokyo. There were some issues with those, but now they're finalized and I'm happy that I won't be here alone and with nothing specific and fantastically fun to keep me distracted. Not sure what I'll do for christmas yet, but hopefully something. :(

Yeah, I have another psychology paper to be writing. I'm half done. Haven't started my Japaense story yet, or my vocab, all due monday. I spent the whole day lazing around. I slept from 8 last night to 11 this morning. @_@ Then I fell asleep reading from about 3 to 5. I really don't want to write a paper on existentialism and neuro psychology. Seriously... I really couldn't care less about the subject or my grade in that class. Why do I have to pass it to stay on next term? I really need to find classes with little work or that interest me next term, because then I really have no incentive and I don't want to kill my GPA like that.

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